sábado, 12 de mayo de 2007

Group: 'Forest'. Fran is lost in the biggest forest of California...

lFran is lost in the biggest forest of California… He’s cold, scared and hungry. A pig appeared and Fran killed it and ate it. Then a group of wolves ate him from lim to lim. All that was left a lake of blood was on the ground. He came back as a spirit and killed the wolves.
lFran went back to his home and haunted his family and his sister got scared. Every night he made a noise in the house. His sister told her mum and mum did not know that he was dead. Then, in the news, a boy called Fran was died in the forest. His mum was very upset and so was his sister. And so they got him crimated and put him on the fire blace and Fran was very happy to be back with his family again.
lOne day, his mum was cleaning the house and smached the fire blace.
lHis mum screamed and screamed: - No! I’ve broken the fire blace.
lShe swept him and put him in the dustbin. He was very mad. So he came back to hunt his family and made a very horrible smell. The next morning his mum woke up and she went downstairs. She saw that her front room was in a mess…
Created by: Holly, Cristina, Sumaya, Francisco and Jonathan

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