sábado, 12 de mayo de 2007

Group: 'Mountain'. Roberto wanted to climb Mount Everest...

lRoberto wanted to climb Mount Everest… so he went climbing but suddenly the rope was broken and he fell into the sea. He saw some sharks and they tried to eat him. There was no way out from Roberto so the sharks ate him.
lBen was also climbing Mount Everest and saw what happened to Roberto and let the sharks ate Roberto.
lBen said: - Ha, ha, ha in evil.
lBrad said to Ben: - Mount Everest is colapsing.
lSo he grabed his rucksack and rope and jumped into the sea where a whale was.
lThe whale ate Brad and Ben.
lBen and Brad tickled the whale’s lung and it spat then out. They saw a shark and started to swim to an unknown island. When they reached it, they saw two cataways, Shanon and Yumana. They had an elephant as their pet, called Toby. Toby tried to eat Ben and Brad….
Created by: Shannon, Yumana, Bradley, Ben and Roberto.

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