sábado, 12 de mayo de 2007

Group: 'Water'. One day we went to the river Nile...

One day we went to the river Nile It was very hot so everyone went for a swim. All of us where swimming and a shark appeared. It ate Harrison and Joseph’s Liverpool T-shirt. They both got angry and killed it. When the shark died, it burped and the T-shirt came out nice and clean.
The Loch Ness monster came and ate Kelly.
Kelly screamed: - Don’t digest me!
Harrison was laughing for about two hours.
Joseph tried to shout at the monster but he was too busy digesting Kelly.
Isabella called her friend Big Foot, but he was too busy trying to find the right size shoe.
Kelly found a cooking stove inside the Loch Ness and started to cook some dead fish and it gave the monster a heart attack.
Kelly found a penknife and opened it.
She shouted: - I’m free!
But, then Big Foot stamped on her with a 34 foot quadruple 4.000 size shoe with stink.
We tuck Kelly to the Hospital at the top of Mount Everest. They put her on a chair with wheels. Bad idea!.....
Created by: Isabella, Kelly, Harrison and Joseph

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